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ReportOUT Communications

Building our external communications is central to our growing the profile of our research and education.  Over the last year, our media and communications team worked hard to build up our social and digital presence.  Whilst we have had many challenges due to lockdown, the focus on the use of digital engagement and new familiarisation with online events has helped us increase our profile.

What we do:

  • Create an understanding of the stories that have affected sexual and/ gender minorities across the globe

  • Promote our events, our fundraising initiatives and the work of our volunteers

  • Build digital profile and reach, including increasing our subscribers and building the foundations to grow our reach

What comes next?

  • Sharing our stories, those about our people and that affect the community we support across the globe

  • Building attendance at our events and interest in supporting our work through charitable giving

  • Increasing the profile of our education initiatives and our research, ensuring it is leading change both in the UK and across the globe

Latest appearances


Communications Team

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Craig Millar



Media and Communications Lead


Kotryna Kairyte



Social and Digital Content Officer


Thushara Chandrasiri 



Press Officer


Amalia Tsiavou



Social and Digital Content Officer

Want to join our team? We're recruiting!

Image by Austin Distel

Media and Communications Officer

We have current availability for volunteers to join our team at ReportOUT and we welcome applications from suitably skilled people. Please note that we are after specific skilled roles and not general volunteers.

When we recruit for volunteers to join our team, we are open to all if they have the skills that we need. However, we particularly welcome applications from disabled and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) volunteers as well as LGB (lesbian, gay and bisexual) and trans, non-binary and intersex volunteers.

Interested? Find out more and fill in the application HERE!

Image by Clay Banks
Image by Jakayla Toney

Are you based globally and cannot commit to a role but want to contribute? You can still apply to join our CallOUT Global Crew!

We are also recruiting a ‘Global Crew’ who can provide their own unique and personal story about their life as a sexual or gender minority within their own nation state. Our goal is to have active global voices to reinforce and amplify our messages, by commenting from within your country and offering unique insights to what is going on there.


At ReportOUT, we respect your confidentiality where needed, and ask that you do this with your own personal safety and safeguarding of yourself at all times. You can write as yourself if it is safe to do so or choose an alternative name to protect your identity. 


Our CallOUT Global Crew will: 

  • write an initial blog post about their experience in their country which will form part of our global conversation through our digital channels. We will host this blog post on our website; 

  • provide your opinion, and that of others in your country, on topical issues that are affecting you, as we CallOUT issues that affect your part of the world; 

  • our research team may ask for your support distributing surveys or accessing local networks, as well as call on you as local experts when issues arise;  

  • as our CallOUT Global Crew grows in your country or region, we will coordinate the establishment of social media channels for that place. 


You can either contribute via writing or by video, or a mix of both. Remember, our CallOUT Global Crew contributors can be kept anonymous if they do not want their name or face included on posts.   


Interested in being part of our CallOUT global Crew?

If you are interested in being a part of our CallOUT Global Crew, write a short introductory blog (no more than 300 words) that discusses your experiences and a little about yourself.  Please submit this to and we will be in touch afterwards to get you started! 

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