OUTAcademy: Campaigner Training for New Global Activists

Our OUTAcademy is a virtual academy where we train up the future leaders and activists of the future, to make social change happen for sexual and gender minorities. Our annual ‘Campaigner Training’ trains up 30 new sexual and gender minority activists from 30 different countries, in the Global North and Global South.


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 Want to make social change happen in your nation state or region?

As part of our OUTAcademy, our free annual campaigner training offers you a full, week-long virtual training course to help you to become a skilled campaigner, helping you to use creative and effective campaign techniques and tactics to push for social change. We open this up once a year to 30 individuals in as many countries as possible.

If you gain a place in our OUTAcademy, we will educate you with the principles, theories and tactics to ensure that you become a better activist, whilst bearing in mind your own safety within your nation state. Our OUTAcademy is aimed at those who are new to activism, as we recognise that training opportunities for the future generation of change-makers are not always accessible to sexual and gender minorities. 

Our OUTAcademy outcomes are to ensure that:

  • the next generation of campaigners in nation states will have the necessary knowledge to generate positive social change;

  • the next generation of campaigners in nations states will be equipped with the skills and tools to launch successful campaigns;

  • campaigners will create and develop their own campaigns in their nation states;

  • campaigners will have successful campaigns in their nation states.

Topics which will be covered in the virtual training are:

  • the history of global human rights, development and activism;

  • using human rights and development frameworks in your activism;

  • theories of social change and creating a theory of change;

  • key principles behind activism;

  • key tactics used by activists (including creative activist tactics);

  • using IT tools and social media;

  • activist safety.

Please note that our OUTAcademy is a competitive process and we cannot accept all applications due to resources.

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