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Events and Fundraising Officer
Role descriptor

Role: Events and Fundraising Officer

Team or project it is part of: Media, Communications and Events Team

Reporting to: Kotryna Kairyte (Lead Trustee)


What does this role do?

Events and Fundraising Officers volunteer with ReportOUT because they seek to make a difference to the world, and to use their skills to promote ReportOUT and its mission globally. As part of the Media, Communication and Events team, we:

  • Plan, implement and operate our internal and external events, with a focus on global human rights issues of sexual and gender minorities across the globe

  • Raise the profile of ReportOUT to develop and strengthen networks with other organisations, and to raise funds to ensure the financial sustainability of ReportOUT

As our annual action plan says, the aim of the team is to:

“To improve the brand awareness and reach of ReportOUT messages and projects globally as well as to promote our content, research and projects through a mix of traditional and digital media. To engage with a wide audience digitally and in-person to spread the word about queer human rights and international development, and to shift the focus of human rights infringements against sexual and gender minorities to the wider public knowledge. To raise funding for ReportOUT activity through fundraising events, crowdfunding, regular donations and sponsorships.”

What types of activities will I be doing in this role?

Our Media, Communications and Events Team is a dynamic and exciting place for volunteers as we focus on a range of projects and events, as well as constantly coming up with new and creative fundraising ways for ReportOUT.

We work in collaboration on planning and organising the events to raise the profile of ReportOUT and we pride ourselves in giving a platform for sexual and gender minorities across the world to share their stories and educate the public.

In all we do, we strive for creativity!

These are some of the events we have previously organised, and what we are currently working on:

  • Completed: #OUTinPoland Virtual Walk Fundraising Campaign – almost £1,500 raised

  • Completed: Greece Panel Talk: LGBTQI+ in Greece, Present and Future

  • Completed: Panel Talk: Conversion Therapy in the UK and Globally

  • Completed: Mongolia Panel Talk: Barriers and Resistance in Mongolia

  • Ongoing: Lebanon Q&A event with the first LGBTQ+ rights NGO in the Arab world

  • Ongoing: ReportOUT fundraising charity ball

  • Ongoing: Intersex Panel discussion with global intersex activists

  • Ongoing: Attendance and promotional stall at upcoming Pride events this summer

Upon joining our team, you would support us in organising both virtual and in-person events and fundraising campaigns. Do not worry if you do not necessarily have all of the complete knowledge or skills, as training can be offered.

“As a volunteer you really feel part of the team. Not only do you engage with interesting and diverse tasks but in cases of questions, your supervisor is always happy to help and assist.” (Feedback from Events and Fundraising Officer)

For me, working as part of the events team has provided so much freedom and opportunities, to put on my own events showcasing different authors and bringing light to many issues over the globe.  I have loved being part of ReportOUT for the last year and a half and it’s brought me so much experience I would otherwise not have been able to gain. ” (Feedback from Events and Fundraising Officer)

“Would recommend unreservedly - this really isn’t suitable for individuals who want the role without putting in the hard work. Come ready to work hard and humble enough to learn and it’s a volunteer experience without parallel” (Volunteer feedback)

What do I need for this role?

Alongside the general requirements set out for what ReportOUT needs from volunteers, this role will also require you to have specific skills and knowledge, such as:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Confident ability to use Zoom for events purposes, or a willingness to learn how to use it

  • Creatively minded and ability to interact and reach out to people all around the world

  • A willingness to plan ambitious and achievable fundraising targets and find creative ways to achieve them

  • A good knowledge of human rights and queer issues

  • Experience in organising, presenting and hosting events is highly desirable

It would be helpful (but not necessary) if you:

  • Have relevant training or qualifications related to event planning and or media and communications

  • Have previous experience working in an event planning role in a professional setting, or as a student or a volunteer

  • Have previous experience or interest in hosting and planning events for targeted audiences

  • Have previous fundraising and/or crowdfunding experience

  • Have previous experience or interest in video content creation and print design

  • Can speak other languages

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