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OUT in Belize

Sexual and gender minorities in Belize face legal, cultural and social challenges not experienced by other groups within Belize. 

Documenting the lived experiences of sexual and gender minorities in Belize, our ‘OUT in Belize' research worked with Our Circle to map out their human rights and development needs.  

“I just want to be able to hold my partner's hand and walk down the damn street or the aisles of a grocery store without feeling the need to hide or worry about drama that might come from being 'caught'” (Respondent from OUT in Belize)

Our OUT in Belize research project aims to examine the lived experiences of sexual and gender minorities in the nation state, working closely with Our Circle and other partner organisations. Our Circle envisions a Belizean society where all “LGBTQI+ formed family units, regardless of creation or composition, live in communities that recognize, respect, protect, and value them.


Whilst some legal rights have been won in Belize in recent years, social attitudes have not always kept up with legal progress, and so there is still much to be done. Our research project is launching in April 2024. Keep checking this page!

OUT in Belize - New Draft (1).png

The key findings of our ‘OUT in Belize’ research, found that  


  • Information coming soon!

Please read and download this report (opens in PDF) by clicking here

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